Arshirly™ - Waterproof Oxford USB Charging Men's Women Backpack

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  • ● 100% Authentic
  • ● Cut-proof material
  • ● Hidden zipper closures
  • ● Secret pockets
  • ● Integrated USB charging port
  • ● Weight balance
  • ● Water repellent fabric
  • ● Illuminating safety strips
  • ● Luggage strap

Best Anti-Theft backpacks

Everyday Pocket incidents happen in the Philippines. With the Bobby Backpack worry no more!

Anti-Theft Backpack. Key features are cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures, and secret pockets will keep your belongings safe during your commutes.

a smart, convenient backpack with features such as an integrated USB

charging port, weight balance, water repellent fabric, illuminating safety strips and luggage strap.

Sharp cyclist? To keep you noticeable to movement when you're driving out and about, Bobby is made with lighting up security strips that gleam brilliantly on your back.

Bobby is prepared for the eager Voyager, with an elasticated strip band underneath its principle strap for appending it to a greater bag. To make pressing a breeze, Bobby's principle zip opens directly down both sides of the pack, giving you open it a chance to out level like a bag to stuff a broad range of essentials and treats inside.

That is the reason the brand chose the time had come to make Bobby. A cut-confirmation, water-repellant, stun engrossing regular rucksack, Bobby has shrewdly hidden zips and mystery pockets to make it a psyche boggling minefield for potential hoodlums. Look at an ordinary backpack versus Bobby on the pick-pocket test !

Fortunately, Bobby's burglary confirmation outside makes it troublesome for everybody separated from you to get inside. Its principle zipper is completely covered up in the back of the sack, but since it's yours, of course, you'll know precisely where to search for it. It additionally has additional available items like a hidden pocket behind the front strap for simple access to Oyster or travels card, and even a force bank and USB port for charging your telephone on the fly.